Gadjah Mas is the Indonesian restaurant where bitter-crisp taste sensations and sweet and sour aromas combine to evoke a a sense of nostalgia for adventurous trips to the Indonesian archipelago - to that unique country of many islands on both sides of the equator.

If you're looking for some tropical warmth on cold day, discover the secrets of Gadjah Mas. Treat your taste buds to several of our smaller dishes or try our superb Indonesian “rijsttafels”.

We also offer an abundant variety of Indonesian dishes for vegetarians, and regardless of your particular taste, you are sure to feel welcome in our exotically but stylishly decorated restaurant. The food we serve is never fat, not always hot, but exotic and always prepared according to our traditional family recipes: sweet and sour, delicately seasoned, the taste of tropical warmth, all within a framework of typical Indonesian hospitality.

Gadjah Mas stands for enjoyment.

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